Carpets for Businesses


Carpeting is a great way to add a small accent, a little personal touch to a home. It can require a little bit of maintenance, but the impact it adds in terms of comfort and style can be tremendous. However, are there any benefits when you’re a business entity?


This can be a challenge to answer. A business mindset is one that is focused on numbers. They’re easier to process and feel more concrete.


However, any numbers associated with a carpet tend to be expenses. A strict look at things will only bring in the cost of installation and the cost of  In other words, to see the benefits a carpet might bring to a commercial space, we need to look beyond.


First, there’s the subtle benefit of sound reduction.


Carpet fibres tend to be very good at muffling sound. If you’ve ever worked in an office or walked into a business and became annoyed at the clattering of footfalls, you’ll understand why this is a benefit. It can make the environment so much less cluttered by noise.


A carpet – especially a clean one – can complement the interiors and give the impression of cleanliness.


People notice dirt and stains. They especially notice it on carpeting. A clean carpet sends a subtle message. It tells customers this place is cleaned regularly. That perception makes people feel more at ease going inside.


Cleanliness can also double as a visual sales pitch if your enterprise is related to keeping things clean.


An additional benefit of commercial carpets is their static protection.


We’ve all had static electricity or static cling happen to us. It’s just one of those things. However, a lot of people are annoyed by them.


Commercial carpets tend to have properties woven into the fibres that reduce static charge buildup. The result is that you don’t get static cling or shocks, even if you deliberately try. Most of these carpets will be unmarked, however. There’s also no easy test, so you’ll need to consult the manufacturer.


If you are getting a carpet installed in the lobby or similar area, be sure to ask for one specific feature. You want it to have stain protection or resistance.


When people come in, they don’t always wipe their feet. Any welcome mats you have may not clean their footwear thoroughly, either. You want to protect your investment by making sure it can handle itself. Ask the manufacturer. You’ll thank yourself later when you reduce the cost of regular cleaning.

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