Guess What’s Happening in Mandurah WA This Year?

The Business Consultant Enterprise is an annual event held all around Australia. It is the time of year when business consultants, business owners, and regular folks gather to talk about business in general.

Get to listen to talks by one of the top business consultants in the field. Find out if you are a perfect fit for one of the hundreds of businesses looking for partners for success. Or just go and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

This year, the event will take place in Mandurah WA. Timely, as Mandurah is seeing a big increase in the number of businesses sprouting year after year. As usual, we request all attendees to follow local laws. One such law would be that there will be no parking allowed in front of the venue. Towing Mandurah will be on the venue to tow any vehicle that does not follow the rules.

Other rules and regulations will be given to all those who want to attend on the day of the event. Please contact your local representative for more information on lodging and the program.

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