Sales Training

Our speaker for the month was a lady by the name of Diana Smitch, who is one of Perth’s best sales trainers.

She has trained people from all walks of life, including sales reps, network marketers, online marketers, business owners, sports coaches and more.
Diana created sales and sales negotiations as the one thing that business owners and sales reps fall short on, and it is the number one thing that has them not be in the business position that they would like to be.

Without effective sales knowledge and practical abilities, your ability to grow your business is limited and impacted before you even start. It is like going into battle without your weapon loaded

Diana spoke about how sales and sales training does mor ethan just make you a good business person, it also has you be an awesome communicator, negotiator, listener and more in your personal life too.

Skills that you develop in sales apply to more than just the product you are selling, it is about connecting with the people wh may buy your product/service. For even if they are not interested in what you have to offer, if you can have them engage with YOU than you are already much closer to a sale.

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