Next meeting

Our next business enterprise meeting is going to be held exactly one month from now. We are still yet to confirm who our guest speakers are going to be. The configuration we have come up with so far is to have 3 guests speakers all from different business industries, with one of them being the highlight speaker for the night.,

BY being in this position they will effectively be able to provide assistance to any other sin their field as well as to those not in their industry. They will have the opportunity to promote and showcase their business in exchange for their hard works in presenting.

They will take up the greatest time slot, and without any expectations be expected to deliver the greatest speech/advice on the night.

The industry that is selected is only notified one week prior to the event in order to test themselves and their business abilities out in producing an awesome speaking production.

Business enterprise like to challenge the businesses involved to perform under pressure similarly as they would in a working environment.

But as mentioned our next event is one month from now and we will let you know soon who are guest speakers will be, plus provide you with a small insight as to what can be expected,

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