Window Cleaning

From ‘Perth Window Cleaning WA’ on what makes a successful window cleaner successful. If you are looking to grow your window cleaning business here are a couple of tips.

“1. Always demand the most from yourself in order to produce the best level of clean, your efforts will be reflected in the windows.
2. Make sure you know how to use your squeegee, it sounds obvious, but one that many forget. Experiment until you find the winning technique.
3. Make sure you clean the inside, the outside and the frames, don’t forget the frames.
4. Always be professional and polite, your daily issues have nothing to dow ith the customer.
5. Have the right equipment, don’t cheap on and buy the useless stuff. It will forever be useless.
6. Charge fair. Clients will have you back if you did a good clean and didn’t charge too much
7. Make sure the customer is satisfied before you leave rather than just assuming.
8. Say yes to jobs, none is too big or too small, it is all experience and referral possibilities.
9. Be fast, efficient and reliable. With many other cleaners out there, you don’t want to be caught out because you were running 5 min late.
10. Offer a range of services above and beyond windows. You can seal many deals in the one day.

We hope this help”

Well there you have it, 10 tips to improve your window cleaning.

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